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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Saving Stream – When UK Peer to Peer Lending Goes Bad!

Until recently Saving Stream was a great site for Lenders.  It had a good reputation, simple interface, 12% across the board interest on asset-backed property loans and a fully functioning secondary market.

Hitting the Fan!

In the last few weeks, the ‘proverbial’ has hit the fan!  The number of lenders has increased rapidly and also the size of their pockets.  SS have refused to limit bid sizes (as other sites such as Funding Secure and Money Thing do).  The result is that I have been locked out of the site when the last 4 loans have come on line and have been unable to invest anything in spite of intense and futile keyboard activity. 

Evil Robots 

After half an hour or so these large loans (some over a million £) are gone because people with large pockets (or idiots) are chucking typically £50k on a single loan.  Also the secondary market now empties immediately anything surfaces on it.  This is rumoured to be partly due to the use of ‘bots’. SS have failed to prevent bot use (for example by inserting a Captcha), failed to upgrade their servers/software and worst of all refused put any limit on bid size.

Not Cricket

This is NOT what Peer to Peer is supposed to be all about.  Ordinary people with limited funds and limited technology are effectively being denied access to SS loans.  It’s like a millionaire going to the local sweet shop and buying up the entire stock.

Saving Stream in Full Flood

Hopefully SS will fix things, but right now the Saving Stream is in full flood and the infrastructure can’t cope.  Unfortunately, in the next month or so a huge pile of SS cash is being released as loans mature and many will find it difficult to reinvest in the platform.  Its classic gold rush time with too many prospectors chasing too little gold and the greedy few grabbing every nugget.

I will be monitoring SS and hoping it improves but right now I have no choice but to invest elsewhere. 

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