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Friday, 7 August 2015

Assetz Capital Peer to Peer Lending - New Account Offers Instant Access Savings at 7% !

Introducing the Assetz Great British Business Account (GBBA)

Too good to be true?  Read on ..

Assetz Capital have just introduced a THIRD Peer to Peer Lending Account.  Until recently, they had:

  • A Manual Loan Investment Account where you build your own portfolio of loans
  • A Green Energy Income Account that pays 7% 

The Manual Account typically pays around 11% on average with a package of self-selected secured (against property) loans.  There is no protection fund.  The Green Account automatically selects green loans (wind turbines, solar etc.) for you making a balanced, protected, portfolio at a fixed interest of 7%.

The good news with the Green Fund is it is highly liquid.  In other words you can (normally) get most of your money out very quickly.

Ratesetter Comparison 

This compares very favourably with, for example, Ratesetter, where you currently get 5.9% in the 5 year market.  This is decidedly NOT liquid in that it takes 5 YEARS to get all your money back and there are heavy penalties for early withdrawal.


So what about the third account, the GBBA?  This is similar in operation to the Green Account but this one offers 7% based on loans to Small to Medium British Enterprises (SME).  Like the Green Account it is protected by a contingency fund.

Some Assetz customers have been cautious about the future of Green Investment so this new fund offers a great alternative to park some cash temporarily and still get a really good rate of interest without too much risk.

Note that the Manual account includes all the Assetz P2P loans while the Green and Business Accounts each include a relevant subset of these according to the fund type (Green or Small Business).

'Hands On' verses 'Leave Alone'

While the Manual account is fairly 'hands on' and involves moderate risk, the Green and Business accounts are much safer and require virtually no management.  In other words, You deposit some cash in your Assetz account then transfer it into the GBBA.  When you want the money back you withdraw it from the GBBA and hopefully it will quickly appear in your cash account where you can transfer it back to your current account.  Tres simple!


Please note that I have no particular preference for Assetz Capital but, as other Assetz lenders have done, I have purchased a few shares in the company.  So please don't take this as a recommendation.  Make up your own mind as to whether this is a good deal for you and beware of investing too much in any single Peer to Peer platform.

As with all investing, DIVERSIFICATION is key.  Happy Lending!

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